Hai :3 I'm EllisRyne
Unfathomably cute
Surpassingly gay
Inordinately sassy
Exceedingly honest
Infinitesimally humorous
Sit a spell, have a lul. They're free you know ;)


hanlo-meow-deactivated20130929 asked
my first ever 'ask'.. i like your blog :)

I’m your FIRST :D?! Yay! Thanks boobookachoo <3

loveyourself----deactivated2011 asked
hahaha you're so funny! :D:D:D

And handsome! I’m the perfect package baby ;) Thank you!

ocelott asked
Omg your blog is so great! I just had to follow

Thank you:) You’re welcome for the free endorphins!

morisu asked
which deer am i? bambi or the gurl ;) i added chu btw x

Can I be Bambi? I want to be your prince :)

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morisu asked
Hold your breath make a wish count to three come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination :)

Where do you feel like going :)?

I’m obviously the kitty since I have 9 lives.

morisu asked
are you serious? oh my god melting my ice heart right now. part of my imagination ahaha well it's pretty large. i make entire worlds in here. but i guess it gets pretty lonley wondering around finding friends but leaving them behind and walking alone. you could continue with these comments and completely make me .........lalalla

Sometimes we create the monsters that break us. I suggest you use a buddy system when you dream. I volunteer myself to be your plus one.

I could be good for you.

abduco-dolor asked
wow!!where do you find all those gif icons??

Random tumblrs. Try this one. http://fuckyeahreactions.tumblr.com/

morisu asked
bet you said that to every gay person on your dash lol

No. I honestly wish I could share in your imagination. I wonder what it is like to be something or someone that makes you happy every day. Rewarding I assume. My name is Ellis.